A Revolution in [Free] Mobile CRM: How Todays Business Professionals Achieve Better Work-Life Balance


Cloud Associate exists to make life easier for hardworking business people, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to achieve a better work-life balance.

We developed Cloud Associate for you

We developed Cloud Associate to enable people leading busy lives to address work-life balance issues and in so doing improve the quality of their relationships.

Statistics show how dissatisfied people are with their work-life balance and it appears the problem is most acute in areas of busy cities; only 53% of Londoners being happy with their balance and 49% of those in the North West.[1] London is often held up as an international example of a city where people’s work-life balance is all too often very poor. In part this is because people work more hours, including weekends and evenings, than in other European cities. Commuting and travelling exacerbate the situation by extending people’s working days even further.

The Chartered Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) UK Working Lives survey report 2018[2] identified that in terms of work-life balance 63% of respondents ‘overworked’ each week, with 16% doing so by over 15 hours. Many respondents identified the impact of this on their inability to manage personal commitments.


Flexible working is increasingly championed as a way to achieve work-life balance, which can include working from home, working fewer but longer days each week and having more virtual meetings. However, these ways of working can necessitate that people manage even busier, more complicated, varied lifestyles and logistics.

The Office for National Statistics[3] reminds us that self-employment continues to increase. Self-employed people’s work-life balance, like other organisation leaders, can be even more of a challenge given their 24/7 responsibilities, unpaid leave and the fact that 35% work more than 45 hours per week and 13% 60+ hours per week.[4]

We increasingly see the impact of the pace and demands of these modern lifestyles and 24 hour contact-ability leading to more people ‘work life blending’, combining work into social time and vice versa.[5] This often negatively impacts upon the less formally arranged and scheduled quality of life activities of time with each other, friends and family, nights out, exercise, hobbies, relaxing and household activities.

We all need constant online access because everything is digital. This is how we manage workloads, communications, meetings, travel, resources, planning, productivity, finances and reporting, to tight deadlines and within budgets. In our personal lives we also research and manage many of our purchases, orders, grocery shopping, event booking, household bills, holidays and breaks, insurances, tax self-assessments, financial transactions and travelling, online or through call centres.

All of this can become so stressful when people are unable to manage their own competing demands and frantic schedules, let alone share and synchronise them with those of their partner.

People speak of a fast pace, juggling balls and how these factors can cause stress up to levels that severely compromise, damage or even end relationships. This can be due to either or both partners struggling with demands and becoming anxious, disconnected, unreliable, undependable, uncooperative, distracted and inattentive.

What people are seeking


In this fast-paced world of complicated and over-burdened lives we know people are searching for ways to reduce their stress and make their lives easier.

People are often seeking to:

Co-ordinate their own schedule, plan events including locations, times and travel

Record what has happened at an event, home or work in order to refer back at a later date

Identify availability and plan the best socialising, celebrations, date nights and events to make the most of their limited free time

Book activities e.g. yoga classes and exercise, to manage stress and keep fit

Plan breaks and holidays

Find times to relax

Cloud Associate helps people in a unique way


The Cloud Associate team is busy challenging existing norms and CRM models, using the latest technology and software development techniques to provide innovative ways for busy professionals to organise their working and personal lives better. We tackle the root cause by helping individuals to find their information more quickly and we empower them to organise it in a logical way. We enable individuals and couples to use our mobile application to organise their information in a way that redefines the concept of the traditional CRM, productivity apps and organising tools into a much more intuitive way of working.

How will Cloud Associate help you?

The Cloud Associate app is as dynamic as your life is and can be as integral to it as you choose to make it. You can also choose to have your partner as the other log-in and thereby you can ‘associate’ with them constantly. Together you can schedule all your personal and professional activities and attach related research, information and documentation.

In summary, Cloud Associate features include:

Free to use and accessible via a mobile app with a simple intuitive interface

Free user guides and on-screen instructions

Secure, because data is not held in the app or on a device, but stored and encrypted securely in the cloud database. The app runs on a secure encrypted connection between the app and the database

Personal calendar and event logging with push notifications

Create records of past, present and future events with accompanying documents

Manage storage so the app does not take up too much memory

Log events around fully customisable subjects which can include people, businesses and more

Make and store plans for business trips, holidays and days out using open search

Achieve your work-life balance with Cloud Associate now!


Why paper over the cracks using old fashioned multiple organisers and dated systems to manage your life. Busy professionals are adopting the ground-breaking Cloud Associate to help them manage their time more effectively, in pursuit of their optimal work-life balance. They are using this app because, used independently or in coordination with a partner, they can immediately benefit from being able to organise more effectively, thereby tackling the root cause of stress and leading happier more productive lives.

Start using Cloud Associate free today by downloading from the app store here

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Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface.