An Active Retirement

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In our latest blog, Rosemary tells us how she uses Cloud Associate during her retirement…

My name is Rosemary, I am 66 years old and I live with my husband Martin in the Cotswolds. After many years of running our own business, Martin and I decided to sell up, make the most of our time and, most of all, have some well-deserved fun.

I’ve always kept up with technology so it’s never been a case of my kids having to show me how to use tech. If anything, these days I am savvier than they are – I’ve got the time and patience to learn new skills and make the most of some brilliant tools and apps available.

I’m an Apple girl through and through, have been since the early days, and I recently upgraded my iPhone to the latest model.  We often spend several months a year in Spain, so I tend to leave my laptop at home and use my iPad when we travel.

I’m a big fan of Pinterest, not really bothered about Instagram, though I did give it a try.

At my age I have no time for uploading selfies, I’m too busy enjoying myself although I do use Facebook. Even though I am retired, I still use LinkedIn as it’s a great way to keep in touch with old colleagues.

People told me before I retired that I’d be bored stiff within two months – this couldn’t be further from the truth!  Whereas before my weeks were pretty predictable – eat, sleep, work, weekend – I’m now so busy I’ve decided to organise myself with this brilliant new app I found – Cloud Associate.






















One of the reasons I get on really well with this app is the format used – I create an event which I can then go back to and pull out all the information I need. That’s what life is, after all – a series of events.  I don’t organise by June, July, August etc in my head, I picture the events I have coming up like Madison’s Birthday, Martin’s dentist appointment, that sort of thing.

Here’s a good example;






















I had an email from my son the other day telling me that the toy we had bought for our grandson had broken, only six months after we’d given it to him. It’s a star projector, he loves the pattern it makes on his ceiling and it helps him get to sleep. All I had to do was call up Samuel’s birthday in Associate and there was everything I needed. Me asking his Dad for some gift ideas by email, websites I’d looked at for inspiration, emailed payment confirmation, a guarantee, photos of the party I’d uploaded, contact details, everything all in one place. I emailed the supplier straight from the app, and within the hour I’d had a response asking me to send the gift back and they would replace it straight away.  I emailed a copy of this to my son, and he replied with a lovely photo of our grandson, looking much happier than he had last night when his toy had broken.

 Martin jokes that I must be psychic, as I know when anything happened and everything that’s going to happen. I’ve reassured him that when I put him in an old people’s home I will be able to schedule all my visits to him straight from Associate!

Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface – encrypted and securely held in the cloud.




Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface.