Associate Multi-User Business Software is Available Now!

We are delighted to announce that Associate business software is available to businesses on a multi-platform basis for use with desktop computers, tablets and mobile. Associate has been a welcome addition to a host of organisations for over 20 years, and for many it’s become essential to the efficient running of their day to day operations. In 2017 we launched a mobile app named Cloud Associate with some of the features from our business software, designed to help busy professionals and businesspeople to manage their time more effectively. Our Associate package now enables business teams to access, share and manage business data and processes securely in one central location. What’s more the system can be accessed via desktop, tablet or mobile ensuring your team has the information they need right at their fingertips in real time.

Here are just some of the key features you will find in the latest version of Associate business software:

Customer relationship management – Create subject folders to store client and prospect data in simple records to help you manage relationships using our innovative, intuitive interface. Manage customer discount levels with our extension module.

Searchable database – Search for clients or key information by town, telephone number, description and other criteria.

Email campaigns – Use our software to create bulk emails or mailouts for your subscribers.

Create events – Record events as they happen and include emails, photos, files and even voice memos. Assign them to the accounts of customers and prospects to keep track of all correspondence.

Template documents – Store template documents produced in Word for use by all members of the team.

Bespoke reporting – Design custom reports and access real time information across many aspects of your business.

Task management – Use Associate to allocate jobs to team members and monitor the time spent completing them. Take advantage of the customisable, intuitive diary system to manage time effectively. Use our arrivals board to clearly see new jobs as they come in and prioritise your workload.

Incident reporting – Multiple users based in the field can feed information directly back to your office-based team. Send images and information about incidents that happen remotely and assign them to internal team members to deal with appropriately.

Manage repairs – Use Associate to manage your return and repair process by tracking serial numbers, warranty information and invoices.

Custom Integration and Bespoke Modules – The core Associate software is extremely versatile and can be integrated with many other software packages, including major accountancy software packages, to avoid multiple data entry points. Our inhouse team is always on hand to build custom modules and integrations to ensure Associate grows with you as your business needs change.

If you have an SME business, don’t let paperwork, admin and spreadsheets hold you back. Unlike rigid off-the-shelf software solutions, Associate is a fully customisable, cost effective business software solution that will help you to grow. Contact us here today or telephone our UK re-seller LBT Computer Services on 01763 275 400.

We looked at many of the applications available on the market, that achieved part of what our business needed, but Associate offered us the ability to manage all of our business needs in one package. Over the years, as our business has grown and business needs have changed, so have our demands of Associate. But thanks to the ability of bespoke parts of the system, or having entirely new parts added, Associate has grown with us and into an invaluable part of our day-to-day business – Mechel Rees, RAD Magazine




Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface.