Cloud Associate Assists Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Business Start-ups

group of entrepreneurs using Cloud Associate to grow their start ups

Speaking to many successful business owners, most have similar stories to tell; the hard work and dedication required to build their companies, burning the candle at both ends to pull off those seemingly impossible deadlines and the mistakes they learned from along the way. Most will agree that getting their company off the ground required grit determination, an iron will to succeed, a strong proposition, but also a little bit of luck!

Among the UK population, people are becoming increasingly entrepreneurial. Many are spurred on by the prospect of a better lifestyle in reward for business success. Others cite better work life balance or lack of opportunity and progression within their existing career as a reason to form a start-up. Despite enthusiasm and determination for the business to succeed at the outset, the attrition rate among new businesses remains high, with around 40% to 50% of UK businesses failing within the first five years.1 None the less, the exact statistic varies depending on the source and industry sector, with some types of business having even worse prospects for long-term viability.

With so much painstaking hard work, personal sacrifice and often financial investment that goes into a new start-up, entrepreneurs and small business owners need to give their embryonic business the best possible chance of success. There is a plethora of information and advice for new business owners available; online, in books, from business gurus, the list goes on. Most of the advice is focused on the same information, regurgitated in various forms with a slightly different spin. For example, every entrepreneur has probably read tips for keeping on top of cashflow, checking customer credit scores and chasing up late payments. They have most likely been advised; how and what to delegate, to research their target markets, to keep a tight control of their costs, again the list seems endless.

Whilst undoubtedly good advice in its own right, the ultimate key to business success for many entrepreneurs has to be good time management. For without appropriate management of time and resources, it will not be possible to implement all of the good practice preached by the army of business gurus and ever-present coaches. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to make sure they are spending their time where it really adds value to the business, working on initiatives that will provide a stable, sustainable and profitable long-term future. It goes without saying therefore, that every task and all information needs to be organised as efficiently as possible to provide the entrepreneur with an accurate source of data and information to draw upon whenever they need it.

A growing array of software packages, customer relationship management tools and apps seek to assist small businesses with managing their data and helping them to organise. None of the tools we have seen appear able to deliver a totally comprehensive solution to entrepreneurs and small business owners which will allow them to plan, record information and co-ordinate their work and personal commitments securely all in one place. That is why we have developed Cloud Associate as a free, secure, mobile application which enables busy leaders of new start-ups to manage their time more efficiently.

Cloud Associate allows entrepreneurs and small business owners to store contacts, places and items as ‘subjects’. These can be associated with other ‘subjects’ or ‘events’ enabling the user to make a record of the past and plan for the future. An inbuilt diary and a revolutionary new way of managing contacts, places and events enables users to co-ordinate their present as efficiently as possible – never miss another meeting, misplace a receipt or struggle to recall a trail leading up to a dispute. Provide access to a partner enabling diaries to be synchronised and avoid conflicting appointments.


Our cutting-edge app has a clean and intuitive interface that is fully customisable around the needs of you and your business. Information can be recorded with ease, using the iPhone voice recognition system before being encrypted and stored safely in the cloud. Upload photographs and documents, associating them with the person, subject or event they belong to, ensuring you never have to search for long to find the information you require. Make searches for services you require and store options or plan trips using our inbuilt search facility enabling you to bring information from the web right into the app.


When starting a new business venture, we know that a great deal of time, money and effort can all be at stake. We understand the passion that drives entrepreneurs and small business owners to make their venture a success. Cloud Associate has been developed with business owners and professionals in mind, so why not download it today and give your start-up an additional boost on the road to longevity? Click here to visit the app store now.

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Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface.