Five Reasons That Make Cloud Associate an Essential Tool to Declutter Your Home and Even the Office!

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In our cities space is at a premium; accommodation is expensive and we are living in smaller apartments, flats or houses. Minimalist, clean, sophisticated design is the fashion yet our love of tech, gadgets and entertaining continues to grow. So, how can we make the most of the space we can call our own? Here are five ways that using Cloud Associate app to plan, record, store and memorise key contacts and events will help you to live without clutter and free to enjoy your surroundings.

Stop hoarding receipts – Is your desk or coffee table littered with till receipts kept for the record, just in case one day you will need to refer back? Scan in your receipts with Cloud Associate for a permanent record. Never forget where you purchased an item, how much you paid or when you bought it, but keep your table, shelves and work surfaces tidy.

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Never lose your guarantee – Guarantees, warranties and sets of terms and conditions are often thrown away by mistake, or even more likely, kept for years in piles of paperwork gradually taking over our desk and drawer space. Save guarantees and warranty documents on Cloud Associate held securely in the Cloud. If you encounter a problem, find the documents you need with a few taps on your phone and never miss out on the opportunity to get a problem fixed.

guaranteeThrow away the personal organiser, address book and Filofax – Many of us consigned these to the shredder some time ago, but if you have clung on to a paper organiser for too long, Cloud Associate is the app for you. Simple and intuitive to use and easy to update, the app provides safe, secure storage for all of your contacts. Link your contacts to plans, events and memories all in one place.

paper organiserBanish the holiday brochures, tour guides and timetables – Do you have a magazine rack, drawer or coffee table bursting with holiday brochures and guides for places you long to visit? With Cloud Associate take inspiration from browsing the web and save your favourite places, contacts and notes straight into our app. Once you have decided where to go, plan your entire trip day by day or save attractions, restaurants, hotels and more all in one place to call upon once you arrive. Save contact details, receipts and insurance documents with your holiday plans for safe keeping. Store places you enjoyed so you will never forget where to find them on your next visit or recommend them to friends when you return home.

holiday planning

Keep on top of your business correspondence – More of us than ever before are working from shared offices or homeworking as independent contractors and small businesses. Time management is a key ingredient of success in any small business. Cloud Associate can help you to keep your office an organised, stress-free environment without reams of unnecessary paperwork. Keep your important contacts, documents, memos, diary and more all in one secure digital format, accessible at any time via your mobile.

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In a world of endless form-filling and paperwork, these are just five of the ways that Cloud Associate can help to keep you organised and your home clutter free at the same time. If you are using the app already, we would love to hear how Cloud Associate has helped you to expel your clutter in the comments. Not download Cloud Associate yet? Download it from the app store now


Cloud Associate is a ground breaking new productivity app developed to enable professionals to make life easier, with a beautifully clean and intuitive interface.